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30 Of My Favorite Things 2013 Including Vodka, Gummy Candy And Sanctimommies

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Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.11.34 PMI love Oprah, but why does she get to have all the fun? Every year she releases her favorite things list and I’m just narcissistic enough to think that you people would also like to hear what has made my favorite things of all sorts of things for 2013. Warning: there is nothing cashmere or my list, nor does it include any 50 dollar candles or anything made with truffles. Also, no electronics, those are expensive, but I did include a moderately priced vacuum cleaner and an expensive thingy for your face, which you should totally get someone else to buy for you. I also didn’t add any music or movies because I never have time to go to an actual theater and most of the music I like I learn about from my kids.  I love stuff. I love all sorts of stuff. Here are some of the things I have loved this year. One of the best aspects of my list is that I’m not going to give you anything on it. Another great thing about my list are some of these things are free so you can enjoy them too! They are also in no particular order, because I am lazy. This is also not fully inclusive, because I am busy. [ITPGallery]

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