Child Bride Goes On ‘Airport Watch’ List To Escape Marriage

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A 16-year-old Australian girl was set to fly to Lebanon for an arranged marriage. She had only met the guy once and, understandably, she wasn’t keen on marrying him. Her mother, however, would have none of it. So, without telling her parents, the teen asked a court to place her on the nationwide airport watch list so that she’d be unable to fly. Guess what? They said yes!

Creative thinking, no? Apparently, these types of legal applications are becoming increasingly common, according to the Herald Sun. The paper reports that federal magistrate Joe Harman said he was satisfied that there was a psychological risk to the girl unless the court intervened. He also praised her for being so brave in seeking legal help – despite going against her parents’ wishes.

“It is not the right of any parent to cause their child to be married against their will, whether in accordance with Australian law or otherwise,” Hartman said. He then went one stop further by ordering the girl’s parents to surrender her passport to the court.

Honestly, I just love Harman’s attitude! Of course teenagers should respect their parents but, I’m sorry, when you’re 16 years old and your parents want to whisk you off to Lebanon to get married against your will, you do what you have to do. I just shudder to think how this girl’s parents will react to such a bold move.

(Photo: Jeffrey Hamilton)