10 Ways To Respond To People Telling You To ‘Cover Up’ While Nursing

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breastfeedingAny nursing mother who dares to feed her child in public is probably familiar with the all-too-helpful advice from strangers who either politely or rudely suggest she “cover up” while doing so. There are many reasons why a mother may expose her breast while nursing in public. Maybe she sees feeding her child as a natural act and thinks there is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe the blanket she was using to provide some modesty slipped while her baby was feeding. Maybe it is scorchingly hot where she is nursing and she is concerned about her child getting overheated. Maybe she just doesn’t feel like it for whatever reason.

People love nothing more than giving advice to moms, especially when it comes to how they feed their child. In reality, you and I know that the majority of lingerie advertising and billboards featuring scantily clad ladies are a lot more scandalous than any mom just trying to provide nutrition to her baby. As a mom who nursed three children and who is very pro-breastfeeding, I can give you the replies that have always worked for me when someone suggested I “cover up.”

You Can Happily Tell Them: 

If That Doesn’t Work, Try: 

Sometimes A Non-Verbal Approach Works Well: 

Or Mayhaps You’d Like To Be A Bit More Mannered About It :

Maybe You Don’t Like Using The F-Word: 

Or Maybe You Don’t Like Swearing Period: 

But Maybe They Are Super Annoying: 

Or Maybe It’s Your Mother Or Grandmother Saying It :

Or Maybe Some Creepy DudeBro:


Regardless of who is telling you to cover up while nursing, the only thing they should truly be concerned about is how:

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