Here’s Hoping Collective Outrage Will Work To Cancel CNN’s Upcoming Zimmerman Interview

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BgdOMUnCEAAIdmACNN plans to run an interview with George Zimmerman next week, and many, many people are not happy about it. Zimmerman talked to CNN‘s Chris Cuomo in an interview the station plans to air on Tuesday. In the preview video, Cuomo explains they talk about “the shooting, the trial and life after the acquittal.” A young boy is dead, his murderer walks free and now gets to reminisce about his luck on CNN? No thanks. I’ll pass.

Cuomo: Do you find yourself haunted by memories of that night?

Zimmerman: No.

Cuomo: Because?

Zimmerman: I don’t know.

Cuomo: Are you a killer?

Zimmerman: I have killed, yes.

Cuomo stresses that the interview isn’t about retrying the case; “It’s important to hear from the man at the center of it,” Cuomo said on “New Day.” “It was provocative. He gave us a lot of time. He wanted to deal with everything.”

This is really disgusting. Can this man just go away now? First he’s repeatedly caught waving his guns around and threatening his ex and current girlfriends, then he tries to get involved in a “celebrity” boxing match, now CNN is giving him airtime? For what? So we can hear his side? This is disgusting. Great way to celebrate Black History Month, CNN; giving air time to a racist who got away with murder because a “jury of his peers” still thinks racial profiling is okay.

Many people are taking to Twitter to express their outrage. A petition has been started as has a #CancelTheInterview hastag. Hopefully the station will listen, but I doubt it. They must be expecting some huge ratings.

If all else fails, you can protest by not watching. That’s what I plan on doing.