Cake Fails That Will Have You LOLing So Hard You’ll Hurt

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Zero Effort

Image: Instagram/fairy_lily_lou

Instagram’s fairy lily captioned her post, “My middle child’s third birthday today. Totally nailed the cake.” That she included the hashtag “#pinterestfail” helps us know that she was poking fun at herself. We’re a bit curious…what is that three actually made of? Is it just sliced pieces of layered cake? It looks to us that the cake she was trying to emulate was cake or rice crispy treat frosted, covered with rainbow sprinkles, and then outlined in skittles or m&ms. Mama missed a couple steps, we think. And hey, we’ve been there. If you know things have gone downhill to that point of no return, you may as well shrug it off, take an Instagram picture for posterity, and head to the grocery store for one of their cakes.

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