10 Reasons Why I Miss Getting My Period

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missing period meme I was 27 when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. The doctors told me all sorts of scary things– how hard it would be for me to get pregnant, how I would need to be on medication with lots of unfun side effects for the next few decades, how I could end up looking older than my age and how high my risk for osteoporosis was. The only silver lining I could find in my diagnosis was that I wouldn’t have to worry about Aunt Flo coming to visit each month. As it turns out, thus far coping with my condition hasn’t been as bad as I feared. In fact, the worst part having so many reasons why I miss getting my period.

1. I’m constantly wondering if I’m pregnant.

Even though I know it’s nearly impossible for my to get pregnant with my condition, I am a worrier by nature. Without that monthly calling card to let me know for sure that my uterus is unoccupied, every time I get an upset stomach or strong craving for eggs and toast I can’t help but wonder if I’m miraculously pregnant.

2. There’s no excuse to pamper myself.

I remember how much cramps sucked and how tired and cranky I’d feel when I had my period. But I also remember giving myself permission to indulge in a pint of the good ice cream or lay around in leggings all day. Sure, I can still do that even though I’m barren inside, but when I do I have to acknowledge that I’m doing it because I’m lazy, not because I don’t feel well.

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