This Website Will Tell You Whether Or Not The Dog Dies In A Movie, Book, Or TV Show

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We’ll admit that our tastes in movies and TV shows run the gamut, from horror to comedy to drama. Really, it just depends on what we’re in the mood for! We appreciate good humor and suspense and a good cry when needed. In general, when we sit down to watch a film or show, we like to be somewhat surprised. No spoilers, please! We don’t want to know all the good bits that make a movie or show interesting before we’ve had a chance to watch it. The one exception to this rule: when something is potentially triggering. It can be traumatic to watch a movie with death or sexual assault or suicide if you weren’t expecting it. For us, this is especially true of movies that are considered kid-friendly, and movies where dogs die. Luckily, the website Does the Dog Die is here to save our movie-watching experiences.

Does the Dog Die lets people know if there are unexpected animal deaths in movies, shows, or books.

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Honestly, THIS IS A SUPER VALUABLE SERVICE. For whatever reason, we can handle when people in movies, books, or shows die. But dogs? Pets? Animals of any kind? We cannot take it. Dogs are so pure and only want to love us, so when one dies in a movie, it’s devastating. Also, reviewers tend to gloss over animal deaths, so it can come out of nowhere. Not the kind of thing you want to see when you’re watching a movie with your kids. “Hey guys, let’s watch this super cute-looking movie about dogs! Wait. What … wait, no. OMG NO!” And now you’re all crying and your kids are asking you why you forced them to watch a movie about dogs dying. No one’s idea of a good time, let’s be honest.

But the website Does the Dog Die covers more than just animal deaths. You can search for other categories, like the death of a child, drug use, sexual assault, or suicide.

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When we finally watched The Quiet Place, we had no idea what happened in the first, like, 10 minutes of the damn movie. And it was jarring and difficult, and we wish we’d known because it affected us pretty deeply. Somethings, you just need to know ahead of time, you know? Maybe you want to watch a movie about motherhood, but have a hard time with topics like miscarriage or postpartum depression. This website can save you a whole lot of heartache. We all have our things, and Does the Dog Die can help us avoid them, or at the very least, prepare for them.

Do you have any no-go issues when it comes to movies? What would you search for on Does the Dog Die?