Breastfeeding Maid Of Honor Should Just Cover Up Already

135608623I breastfeed. I’m pro-breastfeeding. I think women should breastfeed whenever and wherever they need to. That said, if you are in a wedding party, and the bride’s family is very conservative – plan on covering up while you nurse. Is that such a big deal?

Here’s how one wedding planner describes a few situations she’s dealt with recently:

How do you tell your best friend and maid of honor, nicely, that she needs to keep her boobs put away and skip the public breastfeeding during your wedding weekend??? OMG!

The bride says it never occurred to her that it would be a problem with her very Christian family in attendance until they were out to dinner in an ethnic restaurant with friends last week and her MoH yanked out a boob and stuck it in the kid’s mouth… nothing over her. No shawl, no burp cloth, no baby blanket. All flesh and lots of it… My bride is flipping because she has a rather conservative family — they’re Puerto Rican and Catholic and she’s fairly certain her grandmother will have a heart attack at the first appearance of the nipple.

First of all – breastfeeding is not a big deal. We all know it. But if this bride is close enough to this person to have her in the wedding party, she should be close enough to describe her dilemma. It’s annoying and awkward, but any sensible person would be willing to cover up to keep a bride’s extended family comfortable at a wedding, wouldn’t she?

I’m comfortable whipping out my boob anywhere too – but I can confidently assert it is not hard to cover up. I can never understand women who claim that it is. In most instances, I would just say, get over it! but I don’t think a bride should have to deal with any additional drama on the day of her wedding. There’s usually enough going on between the families.

If you are in someone’s wedding and they explain to you – Hey, I know it’s ridiculous but my family is very conservative and you will become tantamount to a sideshow if you whip out your boob at dinner – just listen to her and do what makes her comfortable. It may be an inconvenience to you, but it’s your friend’s wedding day. She’s not asking you not to feed your child. Be reasonable. Also, if you are a bride dealing with this – just talk to your friend. Don’t assume someone is going to freak out before a conversation has even been had.

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