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The Secret Life Of This Teacher Will Make Your Allergies Really Act Up

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I missed this video from a few weeks ago and it found it on my Facebook feed so I wanted to share with all of you in case you missed it too. Get your Kleenex ready because this video is all the feelings. I don’t know about you guys, but this is just sort of a teary reminder for me that all too often we just don’t know what someone is really like other than how we see them on a day to day basis. Well, the video explains it better than I ever could.

[youtube_iframe id=”8w-fduifHII”]


How inspiring for the teenagers he teaches and how freakin’ adorable is Jim O’Connor? I love how private he was about the whole thing and none of his students ever knew what he was up to the last 20 years. And I also love what he says about school and how it shouldn’t be “fun.” I want to send my own teenager to be taught by him. He just seems like such a noble guy, and I hope he does inspire all of his students to go out there in the great big world and make it a better place.  I don’t know about you guys, but my contact lenses are really bothering me this morning. Or something.
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