President and Michelle Obama Give the Most Tasteful Baby Gifts

When I had a baby, I did not get a personal baby gift from Barack and Michelle Obama, but boy do I wish I had, because Vanity Fair’s Lisa Liebman found out what baby gifts from the 44th President looked like, and they are super cute.

According to Liebman, the President and Michelle Obama always gave the same baby gift–custom baby outfits from Florence Eiseman, a Milwaukee-based children’s clothing company that makes classically tasteful children’s clothes that look like this:

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(Florence Eiseman)

Those are on the Florence Eiseman website now, and they’re close in style to the gifts designed for the Obamas, but the ones the Obamas gave were unique, custom outfits created especially for them by Florence Eiseman designer Terri Shapiro Larson. She designed a pastel blue shortall for boys, with a little train car embroidered on the chest and a shirt with trains embroidered around the collar. Girls were given a little pink dress with flowers around the waist. Vanity Fair has pictures of the specific outfits created for the Obamas, and they’re extremely cute. The outfits look a lot like the clothes Jackie Kennedy’s children wore, or like what Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear today.

Best of all, the clothes are embroidered on the inside with the presidential seal, along with the baby’s name and birth date, and Michelle and Barack Obama’s signatures.

The Obama baby gifts are darling, but one imagines they do not get a lot of use. They seem more like the sort of thing that is kept forever as family heirlooms. That’s probably what most people do when they receive a baby gift from the sitting president, though. You wrap that thing in acid-free tissue and tuck it in with the good china to be protected and treasured forever, and definitely not spilled Spaghetti-Os on.

The White House did not reveal the recipients of the Obamas’ custom baby clothes, but they said that around 100 babies were given them over the past eight years. Prince George and Princess Charlotte must have both, right? They definitely look like things we’ve seen the prince and princess wear, but I haven’t seen evidence of them wearing the actual clothes. Chelsea Clinton’s son and daughter almost certainly received them. Beyonce performed at President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, so Blue Ivy seems like a likely recipient, too, but I personally suspect that North and Saint West did not receive presidential baby gifts, because Kim Kardashian would surely have posted the photos to Instagram if she had.

H/T Vanity Fair

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