Breastfeeding Military Moms: Advocate Behind Controversial Photo Gets Fired For Trying To Make A Difference

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breastfeeding in uniformNo one seems to give a crap that Octomom Nadya Suleman has turned to porn so that she can feed her 14 children, and yet people have gone ballistic over this photo of two Air Force women breastfeeding while in uniform. That’s pretty messed up, no?

Anyway, the whole “military mom” controversy started a couple weeks back when the photos went viral. They were actually meant to be released for National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, which takes place in August, but they were clearly leaked (no pun intended). Now Crystal Scott, the woman behind the photos, has been fired from her civilian job as an X-ray technician, while the women in the picture have been “reprimanded.”

Apparently there’s a rule that military uniforms cannot be used to promote a product or cause. Fair enough. But, really, is providing your child with a basic human need really so wrong? It’s not exactly the same as plugging Special K as the perfect weight-loss breakfast, for instance, or touting the benefits of Dove antiperspirant while in uniform. I mean, for chrissake, these women were feeding their newborns.

“The military photographs were NEVER meant to exploit, promote or to use the military uniform to help our group,” Mom2Mom, a support group for breastfeeding on the military base, said on its Facebook page. Scott is a Mom2Mom spokesperson, and she said she got the fired from her job as an X-ray technician because of all the media attention surrounding the breastfeeding pics (as if one has to do with the other!). The photos were produced to pressure the military into being more accommodating to nursing moms.

“I was doing something for the good of people,” she told Right This Minute. “I feel like our organization is making positive changes for women all over the world. To be punished for something that was good was unfortunate.”