Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Never-Ending Nursing Session

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Never Trust A Full Diaper And A Smile

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It’s so easy to look down at your breastfeeding baby and fall so in love that you are completely oblivious to common sense. Like why would anyone put their nipple into the mouth of a little, feral hungry person with teeth? Would you purposely stick your face into a bear trap? Nope. You don’t know real fear until you get bit once and then every single time your baby needs to be fed, you will do it again. You have to. You can’t just say no because you’re a little afraid. You can’t let bloody nipples deter you from your task at hand.

Breastfeeding memes are the little things that keep moms entertained while staying up late nights breastfeeding our little ones. What’s your favorite breastfeeding meme?

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