5 Things I Never Really Needed To Know About Brandi Glanville’s Parenting

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brandi glanville leann rimesEver since Real Housewives starlet Brandi Glanville‘s book has come out, Drinking and Tweeting, journalists have been skimming what I’m sure are some very exhilarating pages to juice even more details from the Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes debacle — which it turns out has been the perfect platform to sell a book. This is what I like to call MFTD — Made For Tabloid Drama. So much so that I can’t even properly investigate Kate Middleton’s pregnancy shawls without finding myself Brandi Glanville adjacent. Every time I suit up to go dig for pregnancy rumors or swim in the bowels of tabloid comments, I’m treated to a new gem of how mother Brandi Glanville handles the parenting thing.

The silly girl-on-girl drama, in which we’re all made to bare witness to smug Twitter jabs and sobbing TV segments that seem to possess that uniquely high school sheen, have been fertile ground for promoting an infidelity that is nearly four years old. Somebody is PR savvy after all.

Nevertheless, despite that we’re all pawing through stale gossip, the details continue to flood in about the moment in which Brandi Glanville knew that husband Eddie Cibrian was cheating and Brandi’s costly new vagina. But between the lines of eating disorder accusations and blaming over which kid ingested whose laxative are some very candid, at least reportedly, details about how Brandi is raising her two sons. And none of it I particularly needed to know.