Pregnant Kate Middleton Is Wearing Incredibly Chic Pregnancy Shawls

Kate Middleton babyFirst it was Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress that was flying off the shelves and being refashioned into knock offs. But, let’s be real. The pregnant Duchess’s every grab for leggings and a comfy t-shirt is somehow going to be spun as the New It Maternity Wear. Such as when she resurfaced on the streets of London wearing a shawl. You’ve been forewarned. Pregnancy shawls are in.

People magazine reports that Kate Middleton was “finally spotted — and photographed ” wandering around London Town with a plaid shawl. But it can’t just be that the Duchess is flipping cold in London In January. Oh no. She’s grabbing that shawl to hide her coveted baby bump from all of you. And People magazine:

The royal baby bump is almost ready for its closeup! After several very low-key weeks, a more voluptious Kate Middleton was finally spotted — and photographed — in London this past Wednesday, Jan. 30. Visiting a Boots store in West London, the Duchess of Cambridge sported a noticeably growing belly — which she attempted to conceal with a tartan shawl — and a fuller face. Prince William‘s wife stayed warm during the outing with a scarf, black leggings and boots.

I see that the tabs are still harping on that “fuller face” “pregnant face” nonsense.

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton has reportedly “fully recovered” from her hyperemesis and is out and about. Buying chic pregnancy shawls.

(photo: Optic Photos,

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