LeAnn Rimes Smugly Shoves ‘Family’ Trip In Brandi Glanville’s Face

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This should be a lesson to all women – don’t use possessive pronouns when talking about your step kids. Especially if you started dating their father when he was still married to their mother.  It’s tacky, and it’s bound to piss someone off.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian made headlines when they fell in love on set, dumped their spouses, and got hitched. Who knows what happens in the hearts of people? Maybe it was love at first sight and they just couldn’t bear to be apart. But the whole public way it was all handled was icky then – and it’s getting even ickier now with the inclusion Glanville and Ciprian’s two sons.

Rimes is performing in Oregon this weekend, at Lincoln City. The couple decided to make  a trip out of it, and bring Ciprian’s two sons. All hell broke loose when Rimes started tweeting about the trip. Apparently referring to the group as “my boys” really rubbed Glanville the wrong way. Here’s the tweet that started it all:


Glanville apparently follows Rimes on Twitter and was not pleased. If I were her friend I would advise her to not torture herself this way, and stop following her immediately – but that’s neither here nor there. Here is her response to the offending tweet:

On the one hand, Glanville is probably over-reacting to her use of pronouns. On the other hand – yuck, LeAnn. Yes, you have effectively inserted yourself into a life that used to belong to this woman. Why rub it in?

As a stepmother myself, I think Rimes is stepping out of line. She obviously loves the boys and that is great. But why the need for the public declaration? She also posted pictures from the holiday weekend of Cibrian and his sons – to Twitter. That is something I do not endorse. I don’t think it’s up to her to decide when someone else’s minor children appear in photos on a very popular social media site. Bad form.

It’s hard for me to believe that Rimes wasn’t trying to rub some salt in the wound by gushing about a “family” weekend. Regardless, I think both of these women should keep the kids out of it and handle their problems like adults – off social media and in person.

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