Birth Photos That Capture Tattooed Moms In All Their Glory

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birth tattoo

Image: iStock / Jodi Hall Photography

When you see a tattooed woman, you might think that’s one tough mother and you’re probably right. Getting a tattoo is painful. It takes stoicism, patience and vision. You have to make the sacrifice for the dream; the story you want to tell. It has a lot in common with motherhood in that way. Babies wait for no one and these birth photos that capture tattooed moms in all their glory may be one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

In the past, the only people who had tattoos were criminals, bikers and ex-cons. Badasses. Tattoos were taboo. In that light, we just naturally associated tattoos with hardened people. People who had nothing left to lose and desecrated their body, their temple, at will. But that is not the case anymore. Maybe it never was, maybe society was just too ignorant to see the story these people were telling with their tattoos.

These days, tattoos are a pretty common form of self-expression and almost everyone has one or three. It’s not just criminals getting jailhouse tattoos, it’s college students, businessmen on Wall Street and mom’s in the check-out line at Whole foods. Tattoos are one of the most personal forms of self-expression there is. They tell our stories in a way that sometimes even our words cannot give justice to.

Tattoos are no longer just simple words or images they are now pieces of art, some closer to masterpieces than drawings. Fine artists are turning to the tattoo gun as their new medium of choice and those of us who dare to dream get the privilege of adorning our bodies in their masterpieces. In doing so, we become living art.

Giving birth adorned in our tattoos is telling our greatest story while the narrative of how we got to this moment plays out on our body. It is beautiful to behold.

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