7 Reasons It Sucks To Be Pregnant On Thanksgiving

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You would think that being pregnant on Thanksgiving would be awesome. You imagine lots of food to satisfy your every craving and your entire family gathered ’round to share in your excitement and hear about your plans for decorating the nursery. Rarely does dinner with the extended family go so smoothly. In reality, being pregnant on Thanksgiving is anything but a holiday.

1. Everyone is looking at your plate.

Whether it’s to say you’re eating too much, encouraging you to eat for enough for two, or questioning you about the wisdom in eating brie, everything you put into your mouth is cause for comment.

2. You can’t get comfortable.

Your mom’s pub style dining room table looks great, but the higher chairs mean your feet are dangling, swollen melons and her super cushy couch makes standing up for your bi-hourly pee break into an ordeal. If you were at home, you’d be in your super roomy T-shirt with the holes in the hem and a pair of yoga pants, but you decided to try and look nice today and now these maternity jeans are riding into uncharted and uncomfortable territory.

3. Pregnancy hormones make your favorite foods smell gross.

Food aversions during pregnancy are very real and very crappy. I was pregnant for Thanksgiving and while I usually love cranberry sauce, the mere look of it was enough to turn my stomach. Since it was on everyone’s plates there wasn’t much I could do to avoid it unless I wanted to sit at the kiddie table, where such gross things are banned.

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