Couple Adopts Kitten To ‘Practice’ For Baby, Parents Everywhere Laugh Uncontrollably


A woman posted to the ‘Baby Bumps’ section of Reddit yesterday to let everyone know she and her husband adopted a practice “baby.” It’s a kitten. Kittens aren’t practice babies. Either are puppies or houseplants. The only thing that could get you ready for caring for a baby 24/7 is caring for another human 24/7. I know this is not a popular opinion, because some people really believe their pets are human. Spoiler alert – they’re not.



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reddit-cats-prepare-you-for-babyCats are not kids. You can leave the house without arranging for someone to care for them. They don’t cry all night – and if they do you can put in some earplugs in and call it a day. Having a needy kitten is absolutely nothing like having an infant. I’ve nursed runts (admittedly not as demanding as the ones in these posts) and it’s not the same thing. At all.

I’m not one of those people who says “your life is easier when you don’t have kids,” because I think that’s a sweeping generalization. I have two kids, but for all I know “you” have health issues, sick family, a ridiculously demanding job, and a plethora of other things that would make your life way more difficult than mine would ever be. I think we get caught up in semantics and dumb jokes. Someone says, “So and so doesn’t have a kid so I bet she’s sleeping until noon everyday and spending 80% of her life traveling the globe!” That’s fucking stupid.

I will say this though, add a kid to anyone’s life and it gets harder. Just like your life gets harder when you add a dog to it. Or a mess of houseplants – or anything that needs care. It’s just a fact: caring for yourself may be incredibly hard, but adding another element to that equation that needs things makes it even harder.

So yes, I agree that this Reddit couple now has some more responsibility tacked on to their daily life, but comparing caring for a kitten to caring for a baby is just ridiculous. They’ll realize it when they spend their first sleepless night with their newborn.

(photo: OTOBOR/ Shutterstock)

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