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Resolution Week: 10 Annoying Things My Kids Do That I’m Gonna Be Totally Chill About In 2015

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6. Reject every healthy meal I make them. 

Cool, cool – I look forward to having a grocery list that consists of just hot dogs and spaghetti.

7. Cry when I turn off the TV. 

dawson's creek cry


I get it, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is just that good. No judging here.

8. Make me wipe their butts even though they totally know how to wipe their butts.

Mmmmmm, poop. I’m into it.

9. Throw everything on the floor of the car and then insist I pick up said things from the floor of the car…while driving. 



Let me just crank up this Beat Buds album and pretend I didn’t hear that request.

10. Somehow find every fragile item I have hidden away and child-proofed and proceed to destroy it, with glee.

Material things are meaningless. I am zen mom now. Namaste.

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