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Beyoncé Is Possibly Pregnant, Definitely Not Claustrophobic

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Beyoncé posted a photo to Instagram today and she’s clearly trolling us:


Seriously, Bey? As if you didn’t know the internet was going to collectively shit itself when it saw this image? You can’t just post a photo to Instagram; there are several steps involved. Do you want a filter? Do you want to add a comment? Unless whoever posted this is blind, they knew the internet would be speculating about a pregnancy. This is either an adorable announcement, or just an image that is giving me a panic attack. How do people tolerate having their bodies buried in sand?

Why sculpt out big boobs and a pregnant belly? Seriously. Unless Blue Ivy did this, there is something amiss. Jay-Z has implied in the past that we all need to get a life and stop obsessing about the second-coming. But, no. I will not get a life. I want to see a pregnant Beyonc̩ again. I was a fierce opposer of all of those dumb pregnancy rumors last time around. World РBeyonc̩ carried Blue Ivy. Stop being dumb.

Maybe this is just a fun photo on the beach. Maybe she’s pregnant. Definitely she’s trolling. Good on you, Bey.