High School Kid Stands Up To Bully With Help From Over One Hundred New Friends

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Facebook Rally For Bullied Halsey Parkerson Halsey Parkerson from South Salem High School was enjoying lunch in the cafeteria with his aunt when his aunt overheard some jerky kid tell her nephew that he doesn’t have any friends and that no one cares. The aunt, who belongs to a local car club, was bothered by this so she went home and posted messages on her Facebook page and on the page of her car club, explaining the incident and asking if people would join her at the high school on Friday. Over one hundred people showed up to have Halsey’s back as he confronted his bully. The school wasn’t informed of the impromptu gathering, but as soon as the principal learned what was going on he let it happen, with car after car jamming the high school parking lot.

The bully actually apologized to Halsey, and I doubt they will be acting all jerky to anyone again.

I love this story and I know that not every bullied kid has a posse of over one hundred to get their back, stuff like this gives me faith in the world that all of the strangers cared enough to show up on a whim to support a high school kid who was being tormented.


“It’s just unbelievable,” Halsey said. “I now know whenever I get bullied I’ll raise my head up and say, ‘Sorry, I have too many friends to think I’m being bullied.'”

But even Halsey knew the support was bigger than him. It was for anyone who’s ever been bullied.

“If you’re being bullied, stand up and express yourself,” he said.


And I know I’ll be showing my own kids this video after dinner tonight, just as a cheerful reminder to them that bullying is wrong and if they are being bullied, they should tell a grownup.

I think the bully learned his lesson, and it seems Halsey will be just fine. Now I hope we get updates on who he goes to prom with!

(Image: KATU)