Angelina Jolie Took The Kids Halloween Shopping For Garbage

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Angelina Jolie took her kids shopping for Halloween garbage. It looks like they bought a plastic alligator, a unicorn costume and Shiloh a super-cool kid nonchalant ‘tude. Just kidding! Shiloh already has that ‘tude! Remember how creepy it was when people were losing their minds and accusing Angelina Jolie of turning her daughter into a lesbianatarian because she lets her wear pants? I can’t wait to hear how people analyze these pics* of the Jolie/Pitt crew!

From People Magazine:

“Halloween is a big deal for the kids. There are decorations everywhere at the house and the kids are already dressing up,” a family source tells PEOPLE. “They will have a party at school and will also go trick-or-treating with their friends on Halloween. The kids are all very excited.”

“They spent almost an hour at the store in the morning,” according to an observer in the store. “Angie looked gorgeous and was very sweet. The kids were excited and very adorable. The youngest ones were very into all the costumes, and the older kid seemed more into the Halloween decorations.”

Added the observer: “Despite all the excitement, the kids were very well-behaved, and Angie was great with them. She smiled at their excitement, but was at the same time good at saying no. The kids would have left with everything in the store if they would have been allowed.”

In the end, said the source, “Angie only let them pick out a present each, but the kids seemed very pleased with their picks.” In Shiloh’s case, it was a pair of sunglasses, while “Vivienne left the store in a pink unicorn costume, and Knox clutched a plastic alligator toy.”

Let’s analyze this before everyone else can, OK? Because Vivienne and her twin brother Knox are obviously the favorites, they each received a costume and a toy, where poor Shiloh was only allowed to purchase a pair of cheap sunglasses that will further ostracize her from the rest of society by making her look like she is either an insect, a Hollywood recluse from the 1970’s, or a six-year-old girl wearing a pair of sunglasses. You know this is going to happen. It can’t just be a mom taking her kids out to buy them junk to get them in the Halloween spirit, there always has to be a deeper meaning behind it. Granted, I am not super best friends with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I’m not sure why because I think we would all get along famously. I think Angelina is gorgeous and Brad is super cool, especially when he is being cast in roles where he is a bumbling pothead.

They seem like a really nice family. I appreciate the fact that both parents do a lot of work to make the world a better place, especially that the work they do is often unaccompanied by a press release announcing the work they do. I think all the kids seem super loved and well cared for, and I don’t think that just because Shiloh isn’t wearing high heels and red lipstick anything is “wrong” with her. She is just a cute little girl! Back off, world!

Angelina Jolie took the kids for some last-minute Halloween shopping, which is what so many of us non-celebrity, non-gorgeous, non-multi-gazillionaire moms do. I hope tomorrow we get to see photos of her dressed up as a unicorn too!

*click through to People to view the photos of Angelina and her kids. I chose the above photo of Angelina because it was the only slightly-spooky photos I could find of her, because her hands look gigantic in that pose! Boo! Happy Halloween hands!

(photo: pcnnews)