Angelina Jolie Keeps Her Kids Out Of Focus In Vanity Fair Spread

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Angelina Jolie‘s kids may be some of the most photographed tots in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing their adorable smiles in her magazine interviews. The mother of six is photographed a couple of times with her little ones in the October issue of Vanity Fair, but don’t think for a second that you you’ll be getting up close and personal with Shiloh or Zahara. The kid’s faces are either out of focus or obscured from the camera.

While it’s difficult to discern whether Angelina herself is responsible for the chosen images or simply the Vanity Fair staff, both possibilities exhibit a restraint against exploiting children in the press. While the publication was noted for running images of images of little Suri Cruise back in 2006, these images seek to acknowledge the children in Angie’s life without encroaching on them with a camera lense.

Carla Bruni recently said that she would not permit her new baby to be photographed by the press for those exact reasons, and although Angelina has obviously lost that battle what with the countless paparazzi images of her kids, this pictorial suggests that someone is hesitant to exploit the Jolie-Pitt clan.