Compromise Reached In NJ Middle School Strapless Dress Ban Debacle

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shutterstock_60528112__1367763186_142.196.167.223It seems there’s finally been a compromise in the great-New Jersey-strapless-dress-debacle-of 2013. The people have voted and have decided one strap will do. How’s that for compromise?

Principal Sharon Moffat was worried that strapless gowns would be “distracting to boys.” This pissed a lot of people off – and I think rightly so. The implications that boys couldn’t control themselves and girls were responsible for the way boys acted via their wardrobe choices was too much for some parents to handle.

In the two weeks following the principal’s statement, the concern somehow morphed from “distraction” to “wardrobe malfunction.” So I guess she was worried that a bunch of boobs were going to be slipping out of their dresses, thus distracting boys. I hate to break it to her, but strapless dresses are kind of designed to hold those things in.


The controversy turned in the past two weeks into one over fears of “wardrobe malfunction.” The board action Wednesday night came in the third vote on the matter. Two motions led to tie votes, and board President David Livingston then implored the eight-member body to take definitive action.

The board then by a 6-2 vote approved the initial motion, which was to endorse the “compromise outlined by Mrs. Moffat, that includes the addition of clear or spaghetti straps to reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunction.”

I know that I would have been bummed to have to add those ugly clear straps to my prom dress. Aren’t those things just meant to be cut off when you get home from the store? At least it’s a compromise. And at least the principal can cover her ass by acting like she’s saving the world from a bunch of nipple slips. Aren’t there more important things to discuss at these meetings?

At least Boobgate 2013 is finally over.

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