Alyssa Milano Perfectly Captures Tabloid ‘Celeb Mom’ Culture With One Picture

Alyssa Milano has always been someone I liked. She has a line of NFL clothing for women, which I appreciate after years of jerseys that were too big or too pink. She was funny on Charmed, and I always had an odd soft spot for that show. But really, she was just another celebrity mom in my book. Until she decided to post a picture that perfectly demonstrated tabloid celeb culture, especially for new moms.

With one tweet and an aptly titled picture, Alyssa Milano won my unswerving loyalty. Her link was dubbed “The obligatory ‘on-vacation-no-make-up-post-baby-weight-bikini-picture’,” and it rolled all of those celeb pics that get sold and disseminated into various weekly magazines into one. The picture looks like this, and it is admittedly a cute photo.

Alyssa Milano post baby

Obviously, Milano has nothing to be ashamed of when sharing her post-baby-bikini-body to the world. But it’s so nice to see her acknowledge that these photos feel obligatory anymore. We’re so used to seeing the nude pregnancy shot, the post-baby body critique, and the adorable newborn shots. I would bet money that paparazzi start salivating the minute a minor celebrity and their new offspring hit the beach for the first time. They just know it equals a future headline.

This isn’t the first time that Milano has displayed body acceptance cut with a little bit of sarcasm. A while back she tweeted, “And then that moment when you realize your abs will never look the way they did before you had a baby.” Darlin, we’ve all been there. Then, there was the time that she might have offended her fellow actresses with this little quip, “People! Stop injecting shit in your lips. It doesn’t make you look full-lipped. It makes you look like you just injected shit in your lips.”

All in all, it seems like Milano is a pretty down-to-earth mom. And it also seems like she realizes the pressure celebrity mothers in particular are put under to lose baby weight fast and show it off quickly. Personally, I love seeing a celebrity who could be profiting off her mommyhood like some of her peers, pointing out and making fun of that pressure. We could use a few more celeb moms like Alyssa Milano.

(Pictures via WENN & Alyssa Milano’s Posterous)

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