Alright, What Mean Kids Scraped Up Lindsay Lohan’s Car?

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lindsay lohanFormer child star Lindsay Lohan appears to be attempting the straight and narrow with her SNL performances, high marks from judges, and even returning to her childhood roots of red hair. But the formerly freckle-faced lady ran into a bit of trouble when leaving a Beverley Hills restaurant with her kid sister, Ali Lohan. Or rather, someone ran into her.

Lindsay’s reportedly 6-month-old $80,000 Porsche had scrapes on it after she exited a Japanese BBQ restaurant. No culprits have been tracked down but it’s not as if the kid can’t afford to fix it herself unlike some hard-working young people. But while the actress is trying to get her career and her health back together, a scraped up car from malicious — or perhaps envious? — peers can’t make her feel wonderful.

The young woman will just have to purchase a new toy for herself and perhaps sic mama Dina Lohan on the perpetrators, which is frankly more daunting than any lawsuit or insurance claim.

(photo: WENN)