Worst Role Model Ever: Angry Dad Beats Daughter’s Basketball Coach Unconscious

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In the same month that a woman disciplined her granddaughter by forcing her to run for three hours straight – a decision that ultimately killed the 9-year-old girl – a Michigan City father has badly beaten his daughter’s assistant basketball coach because he dared to make her run laps. Talk about anger-management issues!

Shelley Miller entered his daughter’s St. Stanislaus elementary school last week and confronted the assistant basketball coach after learning that his daughter and another girl had argued during practice and were forced to run laps inside the school’s gym as a result. Miller punched the assistant coach in the face, causing him to fall on the floor. As if that didn’t make enough of a point, Miller then got on top of him and punched him repeatedly in the face and head until the guy became unconscious, according to reports.

I think not only of Miller’s poor daughter but of all those students who had to witness such a despicable act of violence (and all over nothing). Clearly this guy has some major issues, and it’s scary to think that someone’s capable of such brutality over nothing, essentially. (And, really, even if there were more of an issue, is this the answer?) I wonder how Miller acts at home with his family (I shudder to think), and it’s sad that this is the example he’s setting for his child.

Apparently the head coach tried to stop Miller but was unable to do so. The good news is that the assistant coach, whose name has not been released, ended up with a concussion and nothing worse. Miller now faces felony battery charges.