If You’re Wondering Who The Worst Mom On The Planet Is, I Think I Found Her

shutterstock_986296I seriously can’t believe how many people are struggling with infertility and dying to bring a loved child into this world. It’s something I think about a lot, because I have so many friends wrestling with this very issue. But even more so, I can’t believe there are women like Jessica Barber Gutierrez of Kingwood, Texas – who shouldn’t be allowed to care for goldfish, let alone children.

On Wednesday night, around 11pm she was pulled over for driving erratically. Actually, she didn’t have to be pulled over, because she had stopped her car in the middle of the roadway for no apparent reason whatsoever. Police approached, smelled alcohol on her breath and noticed signs of “impairment.”

She admitted to drinking a beer. Oh, and taking a Xanax. And some Prozac. Oh – and then there was that little bit of potpourri that she smoked.

What? Smoking potpourri is a thing now? Good God.

After she failed a field sobriety test, they decided to search her disgusting mess of a car.  It was then that officers notices something moving in the backseat. It was her 8-month-old baby. She had stashed her in the backseat under a pile of trash, some boxes of clothes and a skateboard. The Daily Mail has pictures if you feel like ruining your whole day.

This was her second DUI with a child under 15 in the car charge. She also has a 12 year old at home. Is it worth mentioning that she didn’t know smoking potpourri was illegal? I didn’t know that either, but then again I don’t just smoke anything that can be set afire.

Okay, so maybe she’s not the worst mother on the planet – but that’s only because there are so many other horrific stories we hear everyday about other “parents.” This little girl is alive, but it’s horrifying to think of what her childhood will be like if her mother doesn’t get help. When I hear stories like this, I try to remember how many children from completely awful situations still manage to grow into kind, compassionate, amazing people – in spite of their situations.

The whole thing still makes me sick, though.

(photo: Robert J. Beyers II/ Shutterstock.com)

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