This Guy’s Tattoo Fail Is Actually Pretty Sweet If It Wasn’t for the Cringe-Worthy Error

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We’ve talked before about tattoos and how important it is to put some thought into them. No one wants to end up with a major tattoo fail, right? Well, one guy put a lot of thought into his new tattoo, but evidently, not enough actual research. Redditor Whoople recently shared a screenshot of a tattoo that his former high school classmate got. The story behind it is VERY sweet. But the meaning of the tattoo isn’t as heartwarming.

The man recently rescued a dog (awwwww), and to commemorate the new addition, got the same tattoo that is on his dog’s belly. Commence tattoo fail in 3…2…

tattoo fail

Image: Imgur/whoople

We know what you’re thinking: who tattoos a dog?! Well, as it turns out, the tattoo on the pooch has a very specific meaning.

The symbol is commonly tattooed on rescue dogs by veterinarians, indicating that they’ve been spayed or neutered.

Yes. That’s right. This kindhearted man tattooed himself with a neutered symbol, in solidarity with his new furry family member.

The newly inked man posted about his tattoo on Facebook, which is when his friends let him in on the secret.

tattoo fail

Image: Imgur/whoople

“Don’t let mom see!” This will never not be hilarious.

We love the guy’s intentions behind getting the tattoo. He mentions in the post that it “sickens him to know people that actually tattoo their pets.” We totally agree! But like, even the simplest Google search could’ve cleared this up for him. Or maybe he could’ve asked about the tattoo at the shelter or rescue organization? “Hey, quick question: what does this tattoo on my dog mean?” It’s SO SIMPLE. The tattoo is small, so he can have it covered up or turned into something a little less embarrassing, if he’s so inclined. At the very least, this makes for a great story on the internet.

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(Image: Imgur/whoople)