Alexis Stewart Wins Prize For Most Awkward Television Moment

I felt so uncomfortable watching Alexis Stewart on The Today Show, I almost turned off my TV. No, really, it was like watching a sullen teenager giving death stares and sporting a major ‘tude for no apparent reason aside from being hormonal and feeling totally misunderstood. But while most of us grow out of that sickening phase, Stewart is still that angst-ridden teen who may as well have a giant “fuck you” tattooed onto her forehead.

Stewart, 45, visited the program with collaborator Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt to promote their book Whateverland, about Stewart’s lousy childhood with mom Martha Stewart. I’ve never been a Martha fan; I find her cold and fake and a total overachiever (obviously). But, honestly, I would take Martha any day of the week over Alexis. It’s like this woman thrives on making other people uncomfortable!

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In Whateverland, Alexis dishes on things like her mom peeing with the door open and the horror of having to wrap her own Christmas presents as a child. She writes about the irony of Martha asking guests to remove their shoes when her own dogs “piss and shit on her rugs.” And how Martha’s refrigerator never had any prepared food in it, just basic ingredients (child abuse!). Alexis claims to have had “a glue gun pointed at my head” while growing up, and yet when asked if the book is an attack on Martha, she responds, “It’s not a book about my mother. It’s a book about growing up and learning with live with what happened or didn’t happen.” Uh, okay, thanks for that.

She later claims, “I’m very close to my mother, but not a single other person in my family” as if that’s suppose to endear her! Really, she’s a drip. I always just assumed that Martha’s daughter would be messed up but I never thought she’d be stuck in adolescence. And I never thought I’d actually feel sorry for Martha for having to put with a child like that. (By the way, Martha referred to the book as “hilarious” and “enlightening” on her own show and even encouraged guests to make it a bestseller.)

If you can stomach it, check out the clip below and see what I mean!

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