Brooklyn Artist Giving Birth As Performance Art Has Dedicated Audience

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Marni Kotak, the Brooklyn-based performance artist who plans to give birth as an art exhibit, has been making all kinds of friends over at the Microscope Gallery. The mother-to-be has been receiving about 20 visitors a day since her free exhibit opened on October 8th.

Marni tells Daily Mail that visitors chat with her about everything from motherhood to art, with some familiar faces coming to visit her repeatedly. She told the publication:

“I’m developing an authentic relationship with these people,” she said. “For me, it’s like building a community of people who are really interested in this.”

Dedicated patrons are invited to leave their contact information so that when Marni goes into labor, they can return to the gallery. The exhibit space can only hold 15 people at a time, so only a select few will be present for the birthing process. Marni’s husband intends to document the experience, but no other photography or video will be allowed in the space.

When asked about how she views the gallery patrons, Marni described them as far from “complete strangers.” She reiterated her intentions for the performance, saying that she wants to reveal a hidden experience that is often riddled with taboos, particularly with regard to the human body. Should something go wrong during Marni’s delivery, there is a hospital less than half a mile away.

The exhibit closes on November 7th, and Marni has said previously that she and her husband aren’t certain of the baby’s exact due date. Hope the little one doesn’t leave his or her public waiting too long.