Courtney Stodden’s Pumpkin Patch Outing Isn’t Exactly Family-Friendly

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There probably aren’t a few things more wholesome than heading to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins with the kiddies. But what would you do if your 5-year-old went off into the corn maze and encountered Courtney Stodden and her hubby sucking face?

It’s true. For some families who ventured out to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles this past weekend, they had to shield their little ones’ eyes from moments like these:


Security who was supervising the patch eventually asked the couple to leave, as patrons complained about their behavior as well as Courtney’s “offensive” attire. Clearly, the two turned the outing into a photo opportunity as they’ve been taking meetings with networks to shop their reality TV show.

The photographs alone seem like stills from such over the top, trashy scripted-ness:

In addition to being escorted off of pumpkin patches, Courtney has also been deemed “too sexy for Facebook” by her mother and manager.

UPDATE: Courtney addresses the “incident” in an interview with Dr. Drew.