Adriana Lima’s Pregnant Tummy Is The First Ever Baby Bump In The Pirelli Calendar

Adriana Lima Pregnant PirelliThe legendary Pirelli calendar. The end-all, be-all in exclusive glamour. The annual Pirelli calendar is shot by the best photographers in the fashion industry and features the most well-known models in the world. And for the first time ever, it has one more special feature. A pregnant belly.

Adriana Lima, the Victoria Secret angel who is currently four months pregnant with her second child, made her second appearance in the Pirelli calendar. The last time she was included was 2005, in the beginning of her rise to modeling prominence. Now, a behind-the-scenes photo of Lima and her pregnant tummy published by Italian Vanity Fair is causing quite a stir.

The Pirelli calendar’s reputation has been made on nude modeling. It is supposed to be the very high-end of sexy advertising. It is the classiest pin-up calendar you’ve ever seen. And that’s probably why it’s never seen so much as a sliver of protruding abdomen before.

However, there’s been an interesting shift with the latest batch of supermodels. They’ve been quite content to work while pregnant, and they’ve continued to book jobs well into their pregnancies and immediately after. We’ve seen completely nude pregnant models walking down runways. Victoria Secret’s pal Alessandra Ambrosio strutted her stuff and scored a nude jewelry campaign while visibly with-child. Miranda Kerr has made mommyhood a central part of her personal brand. With the popularity of these models and their continued exposure through their pregnancies, it only makes sense that fashion would get more accepting when it comes to pregnant tummies.

Make no mistake, they are still perfectly smooth, not-remotely-stretched, “basketball” tummies. It’s the type of pregnancy that just looks like a woman swallowed a basketball, where she doesn’t gain weight in any other part of her body. But really, can we be surprised that these gorgeous ladies are also gorgeously pregnant? Not so much.

No matter what, it’s amazing to see pregnancy celebrated in such a high-profile way. It’s a huge step for Adriana Lima, but it’s also a huge step for pregnant women in general. It shows that carrying a child is it’s own special kind of sexy. Now if we could just get our hands on a copy of the calendar, we could all celebrate it!

(Photo: Vanity Fair)

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