Terrifying Scene: Attempted Abduction Of 10-Year-Old Girl Caught On Video

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attempted abductionI’ve heard many heated discussions lately over when it’s okay to leave your children unsupervised at the park, for instance, or when it’s cool to let them walk solo to a friend’s house down the street. Of course, it often depends on the child’s maturity level and confidence – though some parents would sooner drop dead than let their 9-year-old kid ride his bike on driveway without parental supervision. No matter where you stand on the matter, this chilling video of an attempted abduction is sure to keep you up at night. (The fact that it happens so quickly, and in broad daylight, doesn’t help matters.)

The video shows a man attempting to abduct a 10-year-old girl in South Philadelphia as she walks home from a store with her 2-year-old brother. The pair is unsupervised – a fact which is sure to garner endless criticism, though it’s a terrifying scene no matter how you look at it or who you choose to blame. The sister and brother are walking hand in hand when a man gets out of his car, walks up behind the girl and grabs her. He pulls her away from her brother and she falls to the ground. (And though it’s not clear from the video, police say he also put his hand over her mouth.)

Luckily, the girl’s brother screamed, causing the man to run away and drive off in his car. Needless to say, the footage – which was caught on surveillance video – is really difficult to watch. The girl’s okay, thank god, but you can’t help but think “What if?” What’s also scary is that this guy is still on the loose. (Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter is offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of this would be kidnapper.)

The story reminds me of one we posted earlier this year about a man who attempted to abduct 7-year-old Brittney Baxter in the toy aisle of a Walmart in Bremen, Georgia (her mother was shopping for groceries in a nearby aisle). Fortunately, she kicked and screamed and managed to get away but, man, was it ever terrifying. This latest footage is just as bad. Talk about feeling vulnerable as a parent…

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