90’s Heart Throb Ian Ziering & His Wife Are Super Excited About Pregnant Pole Dancing

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ian zieringLeave it to a 90’s icon trying to make some headlines to discuss something like pregnant pole dancing. The topic is just begging to be noticed. “What can we do to make this D-List celebrity pregnancy interesting? Hmmmm…. Let’s add in something blatantly sexual with a built in controversy.” I’m imagining that’s what this couple’s PR team sounded like before scheduling Ian Ziering and his wife’s interview with The Bump.

So here we have it. Pregnant pole dancing. Apparently Ziering’s wife Erin started hitting the pole after the birth of her first son. She explains, “I think I got so wrapped up in the motherly world, I was looking for something to make me feel more womanly, more myself.” Good for Erin, we say. Mommyish doesn’t have any problem with a little grown up time. And we certainly believe that women can still be sexual beings after giving birth.

So Erin and a couple girlfriends started a pole dancing class. Of course, they focus on the physical workout and the loving your body stuff, not the whole, stripping off for male entertainment and appreciation. Good for these girls!

The fact that Erin was newly pregnant with her second child when she started the class didn’t seem to bother her all that much. Ian admits, “I had some apprehension for Erin to be involved with that because, um, somehow in my past I’ve seen pole dancing, and I was concerned that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be doing those kinds of things.” Oh how cute. He somehow has seen strippers. Thankfully, his wife isn’t spinning upside down or percolating on the poll.

Oh and guys, try not to be shocked. All of this pole dancing has been really great for their sex life! Yay pole dancing!

I guess the funny thing about this whole story is that… it’s a story. Pole dancing has become a more and more accepted form of exercise and self-expression for women. Pregnant women, even with a fetus in there, are still women. They still want to be fit and feel attractive. So pregnant women might still want to pole dance.

But just the phrase, “pregnant pole dancing,” can definitely turn some heads. So congrats on this trying-to-be-famous couple for finding an awesome way to garner attention!

(Photo: Daniel Tann/WENN)