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Anti-Choice Crusader Mansplains Abortion To All Of Us Silly Women

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matt-walsh-blogWhy do I read Matt Walsh? Why do I do it? I try to avoid it as much as possible, but this post was sent to me today – so I’ll be sharing my rage headache with the rest of you. Walsh, professional douchebag, may have actually outdone himself today, with his post, 5 Reasons Why Abortion Never Empowers Women. Right. He knows this because he’s a man who will never, ever have to be in the position to make such a decision. But I’m sure if he did, he would be just as adamant about men not having the right to bodily autonomy. HAHAHAHA. No he wouldn’t.

As per usual, his post is about 1,000 words longer than it needs to be – so I’ll just be picking out some gems for you.

A woman’s most profound power is her ability to create life. Now, that isn’t to say that women who can’t conceive children are powerless,  but simply that the capacity to bring brand new life into the world is a power unmatched by any other human function.

A woman’s “most profound power” is her ability to create life. So she is profoundly powerful, but she isn’t powerful enough to use critical thinking to make a decision that will impact her life forever. Okay. Just another argument reducing women to the contents and use of their uteri. Yawn.

Most of us have the choice to not conceive, but once we do, we are faced with two distinct paths. In one, we can pay someone to demolish and erase the human life we’ve just formed, while down the other we can allow this life to come barreling into the universe.

No, YOU are not faced with anything. I appreciate your misguided attempt at solidarity here (No I don’t), but here’s the thing about men weighing in on abortion – they always have the option of walking away. Always. They have the option of being distant fathers, deadbeat dads, and moving on with their lives with little repercussions but a child support bill they may or may not pay. And here’s where you will throw in the adoption argument – to which I’ll say anyone who uses that argument lives in a world where people can afford to take months out of their lives, stop working, and give birth – without irreparably damaging their livelihood. This is not the world that we live in. Also, thanks to abortion, women do not have to allow a mass of cells in their body to turn into a human. Thank you abortion! Thank you GOD – CREATOR OF EVERYTHING. YOU PROBABLY CREATED THIS PROCEDURE, TOO. BECAUSE YOU CREATED EVERYTHING. Right, religious zealots?

Stand outside of an abortion clinic and look at the women being escorted inside. Those are expressions of anguish and doubt on their faces, not empowerment. They will end up on that table, grimacing as a usually male doctor extinguishes the life burgeoning in their womb, precisely because they felt that they had NO choice and NO power. In the same ironic vein that finds Planned Parenthood ending parenthood, the pro-choice movement stifles choice.

Really? Do you spend a lot of time standing outside of “abortion clinics” as you call them? Do you realize that over 95% of the women walking into them are walking in for basic women’s health services – not abortions? So if there is an anguished look on their faces, it’s probably because they recognize your creepy mug and are trying to stop themselves from assaulting you.

Yes, having the power to make decisions about having children or not having children is empowering. Sorry Walsh, women are not just vessels and incubators of human life. Plenty of women have no desire to have children or become pregnant at a time when they have no desire to reproduce. You don’t know what it’s like to have the accountability for two people’s decision to have sex fall square on your shoulders – and you never will. So wax poetic about the horrors of abortion – but your opinion simply doesn’t matter.

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