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Pregnant Celebrities – Make Sure You Kiss Your Interviewer’s Ass So He Doesn’t Imply You’re A Hormonal Bitch

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mila-kunis-pregnantMila Kunis gave an interview to Stephen Whitty for the Star Ledger last week. He spends his entire interview framing her answers in such a way as to imply that she’s a total hormonal bitch. I know this, because I read all of her quotes without the context of his opinion framing them – and she didn’t come across as hormonal or bitchy at all. He, however, came across as pissy little man. Apparently, if you’re not constantly giggling, apologizing, or crawling up a certain type of male interviewer’s ass, and you happen to be pregnant – poof! You’re a hormonal bitch.

The interview starts going south from the first question, when I make the mistake of asking Mila Kunis how she’s feeling.

She does not take this well.

Now, in most interviews, this question would normally just be a polite bit of throat-clearing. But here there’s a bit of genuine added concern on my part as she is pregnant.

There is a bit of “genuine added concern” on your part because she is pregnant? Hmm. Okay. Did you think she was going to go into premature labor? Faint? Need a cookie? Dare I say that as a middle-aged man there are more reasons for the general public to be concerned with your health than hers?

But the gates come down immediately. “I don’t talk about that for publication,” she says coldly.

She doesn’t talk about how she’s feeling for publication or are you leaving some essential information out here? Because asking someone how they’re feeling and getting the response, “I don’t talk about that for publication” seems pretty unbelievable to me.

It turns into a pretty bumpy ride, too, as every question I ask over the next 25 minutes seems to strike her as either dull, insulting or burdened by some sort of agenda.

Since you hit the ground running with your “this pregnant bitch hates me WAH!” angle – I’ll throw in another stereotype that may help explain her behavior. We’re oddly intuitive, us crazy, hormonal, bitchy females. Maybe she didn’t feel like the interview was a safe space. Clearly, you’ve proven her right.

“I do interviews and they seem like they’re supposed to be one thing, and the writer has an idea, and then they become something else.”

Okay, so Whitty wanted a deeply personal interview and Kunis chose to stick to her job – which is promoting her new film. She seemingly didn’t want to answer questions that weren’t directly related to it. She wasn’t interested in bearing her soul to him – and she didn’t. He admits with his closing remarks:

… maybe Kunis is ticked off at all reporters in general… Hell, maybe she just picked up the phone after an awful bout of morning sickness (not that I’d risk offending her by asking).

And to be fair, it could all be me. Certainly in the past she’s given a number of great interviews to other writers where, instead of seeming brusque or bored, she seemed candid and involved. So, signing off, I tell her I’m sorry this one seemed to upset her so much.

Only he wasn’t sorry. He was thrilled he had the angle he knew readers would bite – Mila Kunis, Pregnant Bitch. Well – I didn’t read that at all. I read, Stephen Witty, delicate sexist.

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