5 Epic Halloween Craft Fails That Will Make You Feel Less Alone

Sure, it’s nice to look at amazing crafts by amazing people who can do amazing things. Personally, I love a good craft fail. It makes me feel less alone.

1. The “I Think That’s Supposed To Be Invisible” Fail

(Pinterest/ craftfail.com)

I knew this whole “cheesecloth ghost” thing was harder than it looks.

2. The “What Am I, A Manicurist?” Fail


I hate it when people claim stuff like this is easy. I’m 40 and I have the nail beds of a 9-year-old. If I tried to pull this off it would look like the aftermath of desperately trying to scratch my way out of Willy Wonka’s lair.

3. The “If You Ask Me To Use Spray Glue I Will Fail” Fail



The glitter pumpkin looks so deceptively easy. But if you ask me to use spray glue, I’ll probably just end up curled in the fetal position, crying and rocking. Don’t even get me started on crafts that require a glue gun…

4. The “I Can’t Bake Why Am I Even Trying” Fail


I can’t even properly bake a Toll House cookie that comes in one of those pre-cut-square blocks – but show me a crafty holiday treat and for some reason I think it’s doable. It’s as if I feel like – if only there were more of a challenge, I would rise to it. These cookies will haunt your dreams, by the way.

5. The “I Am Not A Sculptor Of Pumpkins” Fail

(Pinterest/ pintester.com)

Remember when you could just carve out two triangles for the eyes, one upside down triangle for the nose and few “teeth” and call it a day?


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