30 Gender Reveals That Went Too Far

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This couple used a live alligator to reveal the gender

Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller, who run Kliebert Gator Tours in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, actually own over 400 alligators on their 23-acre farm. So of course, when they got pregnant, they thought it would be fitting to include their oldest alligator, Sally. As for how they did the reveal, they had the 61-year-old reptile bite into a small watermelon that was filled with blue slime.

Not everyone found this cute. In fact, PETA’s vice president caught wind of the gender reveal and claimed that such sensitive animals aren’t meant to be exploited for entertainment. But Mike denied doing anything wrong. He said: “We wanted to incorporate the alligators, who are like family, into this big moment in our lives. I wouldn’t have had any other gator do the reveal. My grandpa hatched her in 1957.”

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