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Most Popular Baby Names Of 2020

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New year, new baby names. 2020 is young… and so are some brand-new babies. With about 360,000 births taking place every single day, according to the United Nations, that means new and traditional baby names are rising in popularity basically every single second. Since the United States government doesn’t release data about popular baby names until the next year comes around, if you want to know what today’s most popular baby name is, you’re going to have to go to other sources.

Lucky for us,, owned by Johnson & Johnson, is a go-to source for expectant mothers to track their pregnancies — and also happens to house a lot of data about the names those new parents wind up choosing for their little bundles of joy. So we’ve decided to track the most popular baby names in the U.S. according to the Baby Center website, and keep it updated so that Mommyish readers and to-be parents can keep the baby names they’re brainstorming fresh. No one wants to name their baby something that’s so passé, right?

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