MTV’s Cory Wharton Dragged Online For Using Song About Sex Act In Instagram Of His Daughter

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Cory Wharton has a baby on the way with Taylor Selfridge, so he might be distracted, but something about his recent Instagram Story is definitely not right.

The MTV Teen Mom and The Challenge star posted a video of his two-year-old daughter, Ryder, eating a lollipop while sitting on the couch. He posts his Ryder on his IG all the time, but that’s not the problem. Instead, it’s the fact that he put the Lil Wayne song “Lollipop” on the Story too, with the lyrics, “she lick me like a lollipop” showing up on the screen. Like, WTF?

We get it, the song is called “Lollipop” and Ryder has a lollipop in her hand. But, he could’ve gone with a few other song choices, no? A couple of suggestions:

“Lollipop” by The Chordettes
“The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr.
“Lollipop” by Mika (though some do argue that’s an innuendo, too. We STILL think it’s the safer option)

There are options here, Cory, and these probably wouldn’t have gotten you in trouble.


As previously mentioned, Cory and Taylor announced they were having a baby a few months ago. But Ryder, his first-born, is his child with Cheyenne Floyd with whom he hooked up with during filming The Challenge on MTV. He didn’t find out that Ryder was his baby until she was a few months old, though, so this is his first pregnancy journey with a partner.

We get it. There’s a learning curve when it comes to parenting. But a word to the wise: using a Lil Wayne song to describe something your young child is doing is probably never a good idea.