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Heroic Teenager Saves Toddlers From Burning Building

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Ofonso Henry Saves Toddlers From Burning Building


With all the news about terrible things happening every day, it’s nice to hear a story about someone doing something good for a change. Today, we should talk about Ofonso “James” Henry, a 19-year-old boy who stormed inside a burning building to save his family members, both under the age of five years old.

“I was sitting in the car when the house went up in flames. Mom came outside yelling ‘fire, fire, fire,’” James told CBS News. “I seen smoke come out of my sister’s room, automatically I rushed in that room to save them.”

After successfully getting niece, Madison, and nephew, Josiah, outside of the family home, the two kids and James were transported to hospitals. Josiah, who had more severe injuries was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital whereas Madison and Henry went to a local Miami emergency room to access the burn wounds.

“My little brother saved them,” said Vetner Henry, another member of the family. “He saved them and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that they are alive.” According to Vetner, the Miami home’s air conditioner had “exploded,” leaving only one bedroom unravaged.

“He absolutely did save some lives [with his] quick thought,” said Commander Kessler Brooks from the North Miami Police Department. “I think one of the important things we share here is if you can do something and do it safely, just like this young man here did, … [everyone] should do the same.”

“At 19 years old, I never thought something this traumatic will occur to me having to run into flames to save my niece and nephew causing severe burns on my hands and feet,” James Henry wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page. “I was blessed to […] make it out [of] the hospital but my family are grieving from this great loss of our home and memories.”