20 Adorably Funny Baby Onesies That Aren’t Stupid

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You don’t necessarily need to be a parent to know that a lot “clever” baby onesies are actually Grade A stupid. Aside from the expected cracks about hot my mommy or daddy is or how much “I love boobies,” a lot of “funny” baby onesies just come across crass and snotty. Even if you can keep away from the raunchy humor, then you’re usually looking at racks and racks of crap like this:

diva baby onesie



Meh, no thanks. There’s a world of better “clever” baby onesies out there to choose from. You officially no longer have an excuse for your lame baby shower gift.

1. Whoa, you made a baby

holy cow baby onesie

(photo: VicariousClothing)

2. For twins!

clones are people two onesie

(photo: VicariousClothing)

3. For even twinsier twins

salt and pepper onesies

(photo:  BambinaMia)

4. And again

bread and butter onesie(photo:  BambinaMia)

5. And one more time

milk and cookies onesie(photo:  BambinaMia)

6. For the “accident” baby

oops oneise

(photo: Tickled!)

7. Sunday Best

tie onesie

(photo: joeyandaleethea)

8. Poop Status

diaper loading onesie

(photo:  Individually Warped)

9. Throwback to Jurassic Park




10. iPod baby

ipood onesie(photo:

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