Must-Watch Video: ’32 And Pregnant’ Will Leave You Howling

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Oh, mommies and their #firstworldproblem. 32 and Pregnant, a spoof of the trashy popular series 16 and Pregnant, is filled with them. And, man, is it every funny. Take the pregnant 32-year-old, for instance, who loses her shit over getting her unborn child onto a Pre-K waiting list (“I don’t have an attitude, I’m just saying if there is a spot available…” she says into the phone). Or the preggo who lies sobbing on her living-room floor because her insurance won’t cover home birth. (I’m telling you, this stuff is golden!)

The best is the expectant mom who pretty much has a panic attack in her walk-in closet. “This house is too small,” she cries. “How are we going to live like this?!” (Camera pans giant Tudor-style home.) Check it out below for a good laugh.


[youtube_iframe id=”zPGEEE_1dLw”]