Concerned Daily Mail Readers Swoop In To Bodysnark On Pregnant Kim Kardashian In Record Time

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Kim Kardashian fatKim Kardashian‘s baby bump is officially here and with that comes the slew of bodysnarking one can expect from virtually any fluctuation in virtually any celebrity lady’s weight.  But a visit to the bowels of the infamously fat-shamey Daily Mail reveals what many a fat-shaming scum is saying about the reality star’s body.

Some recent photos of Kim Kardashian‘s “new curves” and “blossoming” figure, according to the publication, depict her running errands in Beverly Hills. But because the soon-to-be mother has the audacity to go out in public in tight-fitting gym clothes, readers can barely contain themselves from commenting on those “thunder thighs,” “Wide Load” and chuckling about how she is going to be a “beached whale”:

Kim looks like she’s carrying her baby in her bottom. Kim needs to wear a longer a-lined shirt over that gigantic can of hers. In my neck of the woods Bootylicious would just be called fat.

- PM McNeely, Birmingham


Newsflash: California announces Kardashian butt to receive its own ZIP CODE!

- Lee, Fairfield USA


Triplets! One in each cheek and one in the front

- avadinuf, grimsby uk


Its her ass that’s pregnant. She’ll be the first ever to give birth through her butt.

- RealScot, Aberdeen, United Kingdom


Seriously, such an ass has to be levied by a special tax. I am sure it contributes a lot to global warming.

- just a girl, overtherainbow


She’s going to be one of those pregnant ladies that you can’t tell where one body part begins or ends 🙁

- jessica11487, Seminole, Ok


She’s gonna be HUGE

- Sierra, Surrey


I’m not a KK hater but good grief can you imagine when she’s full term?! Pregnancy is not going to be kind to her body shape…

- stef87, london


That is one big awning over the back patio !!

- kbomb, sydney


I already feel pity for the toilet seat.

- Jacque, bremen, Germany


I just threw up on my key board……Thanks.

- oldjohn, Dayton, United States


tracy anderson is failing miserably. oopsies

- jer-z-girl, New Jersey


Oh this pregnancy is going to be gooood.. beached whale coming through..

- JenniferK80, Chicago, United States

And by “gooood,” we mean that JenniferK80, and company, are simply salivating at the thought of picking apart the body of a pregnant woman for the next six months or so. Oh goody! I just envisioned a bunch of little Internet tolls feverishly rubbing their hands together in glee.

All jokes aside, out of the comment threads echoes a truth as to how we — not just the media —  feel entitled to comment on how pregnant women are slapping on the pounds. Whether it’s through their pregnancy cravings or what they opt to wear to the gym.

Some people just have way too much time on their hands — and these people tend to have an affinity for fat-shaming women. Ever notice that?

UPDATE: So now pregnant Kim Kardashian is hitting the gym too often!