’16 And Abstinent’ Reveals ’16 And Pregnant’ For What It Really Is

16 and Abstinent, the latest college humor-esque spoof of MTV’s hit series, 16 and Pregnant hit the web last night on Yahoo’s video channel. 16 and Abstinent takes everything absurd about 16 and Pregnant and basically displays the show for what it is. Which is to say crazy. This is where the genius of 16 and Abstinent comes in.

Allie Mae (portrayed by Sara Fletcher) is a 16-year-old girl practicing abstinence in her town in Indiana where everyone seems to be pregnant. Including her mom. The three-minute video basically sums up all four seasons of 16 and Pregnant. In one of the first scenes, Allie Mae’s friends ask when she’s going to “get pregnant with them.” When Allie Mae says that she’s not going to, one of her friends asks with obvious horror if she’s using birth control.  They then go on to question what her and her boyfriend of two months, JP, do together if they’re not having sex. Allie Mae says that they talk, to which one of her friends responds “[My boyfriend] doesn’t like it when I talk.”

The whole thing is hilarious — and then a a little sad because this is what the show is actually like. In the real show, abortion isn’t displayed as an option. The girl’s friends seem a little confused and a little oblivious to the repercussions of having a child, and the parents on 16 and Pregnant don’t seem that better than the ones of Allie Mae, who are drunk and disappointed that Allie Mae isn’t having a child.

The video is not the first of it’s kind. A few other notable spoof videos include 16 and Well Adjusted  and 32 and Pregnant. But 16 and Abstinent has the most direct message regarding the teen franchise’s impact on its actual viewership.

(Photo: yahoo.com)

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