15 Signs You’re A Halloween Mom

Of all the various arbitrary and stereotypical “mom types” out there, from crunchy moms to sanctimommies, Halloween moms are my absolute favorite. You ladies are the best and don’t let anyone who can’t appreciate your candy corn cupcakes tell you otherwise. Halloween is the BEST holiday and Halloween moms who go all out with their decorations, baking, costuming, and makeup greatly contribute to that fact.

I happen to work alongside the ultimate Halloween mom, my associate editor Eve Vawter, who has been counting down the days since summer. I’m not sure what her house looks like yet, but I have a feeling she goes beyond a simple pumpkin on the doorstep. Bonafide Halloween moms will recognize the following signs that they are batshit for Halloween.

1. You can identify repeat pins in Pinterest

2. You’re doing this all the time

3. You were excited that you found fake spider webs on sale

4. You’ve made these already

5. You want this

6. You’re mad that you’re not sporting one of these

7. You’re constantly encouraging your kids to do this

8. Your carved pumpkin looks like this

9. You’re going to Google around to find out how to make this

10. This Halloween display looks pathetic to you

11. You’re getting complains from neighbors about how scary your elaborate display is

12. The sound of trick or treaters coming to the door makes you feel like this

13. You LOVE Practical Magic

14. This is just the beginning of your decoration stash

15. On Halloween night, you’re all

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