If You Think Ultrasound Pictures Are Creepy, Wait Until You See This 3D Model

The Ultrasound photo. It’s one of those things that is totally endearing to parents – and completely not understood or cared about by anyone else. Now we can bore/creep out our childless friends even more by taking it a step further and getting a 3D model of our precious little fetus.

FASOTEC, the Japanese company who is making the models, seems to think there is a demand for such a thing. It is a┬ánine centimeter resin model of a fetus, encased in a transparent block in the shape of the mother’s body. The call it “The Shape of an Angel.” It costs $1164 dollars. If the nine centimeter version doesn’t fit into your new clutch, they have a miniature version you can attach to your mobile phone strap. That’s not creepy at all.

“As it is only once in a lifetime that you are pregnant with that child, we received requests for these kind of models from pregnant women who… do not want to forget the feelings and experience of that time,” said Tomohiro Kinoshita of FASOTEC.

I recently texted my sister my 12 week ultrasound picture. Her response? Where’s the head? This is her future niece or nephew we’re talking about. I would only subject my sister to that, because she’s my sister. I wouldn’t dare post a picture of the little alien on Facebook, for fear that I would become fodder for a STFU, Parents joke. That’s basically how I make all of my parental choices. So far, it’s working pretty good for me.

Ultrasound images are fun for parents. It’s cool trying to decipher whose nose the baby got, or whether he or she will get your husband’s weird feet. But for friends, ultrasound snaps are the ultimate Rorschach tests. Do you see a baby, a bottle of vodka, or machine gun? Oh you can’t tell? What about if I give you this nine centimeter white resin rendition of the fetus itself? What does it look like now?

If you have an extra thousand dollars that’s burning a hole in your pocket – go ahead and get one. But I would definitely keep it at home and hide it when you have dinner parties.

(photo: blackdaliya/ Shutterstock.com)

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