11-Year-Old Child Will Reportedly Soon Become the Youngest Mom

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Motherhood is tough at any age, but becoming a young mom, when you aren’t even done being a child yourself, must be incredibly difficult. That’s exactly what one 11-year-old girl in Britain is about to find out. The minor is slated to become the nation’s youngest mom and I can’t even imagine. Not much is known about the mom as she is a minor and the details are protected by the court, but according to the Guardian, we know that the dad is very likely a minor as well.

Now, the age of consent in Britain is 16 and police are currently investigating the situation that led to this. All that’s known right now is that the young girl will be giving birth next month and one can only hope she’ll have a lot of support surrounding her.

While the average age of British moms is 30, there have been a number of cases in recent years of what are essentially children having babies. In 2014, a 12-year-old girl became Britain’s youngest mom to date. Another former young British mom, Tressa Middleton, gave birth in 2006 at the age of 12. It was revealed that Middleton’s brother raped her, and that she was forced to give the baby up for adoption. Middleton is now pregnant again, but this time on her terms, at the age of 23.

Tressa was contacted by The Sun, according to Huffington Post UK and had a message for the young mother-to-be. “I send her my warmest congratulations but it will be incredibly tough. At that age you’re so worried about what other people think at school.”