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Whitney Port Says ‘No Thank You’ to Sex While Pregnant

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Pregnancy brings with it a ton of changes, to your body, mind, and emotional state. Every woman embraces these changes in her own way, deciding for herself what she’s comfortable with and what is off-limits. Whitney Port, the former “Hills” star turned fashion designer and author, is currently pregnant with her first child with husband Tim Rosenman, and on a recent episode of the “LadyGang” podcast, she shared one of her no-gos: sex while pregnant.

During the podcast (which you can listen to here), the subject of sex during pregnancy came up, and Whitney was quick to shoot it down. When asked about her sex life, Whitney said, “It is so not for me! It’s not”. She went on to say, “I feel so uncomfortable with my own body that I can’t get into the mood. I can’t feel sexy.”

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Boy, am I growing! In every direction! At first, I must be honest, I had a very hard time coming to terms with my changing body. I had always prided myself on being healthy from the inside out and it was difficult not labeling my pregnant body "fat". But as time has gone on, I have come to appreciate what my body is ACTUALLY doing. Don't get me wrong, I still look at myself in the mirror every day in disbelief about the fact that my boobs are now triple d's or that when I look down, I can't see my feet, etc., but I remind myself I'm growing a gift and this gift needs room to grow. Just as we all do. Happy Thursday everyone! ?: @elizandjames ?: @laurencedacadeparis Ring & earrings: @sophiemonet ?: @jensimonphoto

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We can totally relate, Whitney! Our bodies go through some pretty gnarly changes while we’re growing little humans, and it’s not uncommon to feel like your body isn’t your own. We happen to think Whitney looks positively sexy and radiant, but we know that how you look and how you feel can be two very different things.

The 32-year-old also shared that she and her husband Tim did “other things” in the bedroom, but “once the belly really started happening,” sex no longer happening. She said her husband wasn’t too into it either.

“I think if I was one of those pregnant women that loved it and was confident, then he’d be into it,” she explained. “I think I’ve turned him off of it because I’m like, ‘Don’t look!’ I’ll even not say anything and he’ll see me getting undressed and be like, ‘I’m not looking, I’m not looking!'”

However, having sex while pregnant can be totally safe and even fun, if that’s your thing! For women having a normal, healthy pregnancy, there’s no medical reason you can’t get it on throughout the entire 40 weeks, right up until your water breaks. There are even certain positions you can try, to make it as comfortable for you and your partner as possible. As always, with anything related to your pregnancy, check with your doctor or midwife first, and if you don’t feel comfortable or are experiencing anything that doesn’t feel “right”, give your partner a rain check on the sexy times until after baby comes (like, way after, let your bits heal!).


Of course, in one of nature’s cruel twists of irony when it comes to sex while pregnant, many women start to feel particularly randy in their final weeks of pregnancy, which can lead to some … interesting bedroom shenanigans.

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We are all about empowering women during pregnancy, and supporting their choices regarding what works and what doesn’t, for them. Enjoy your pregnancy, Whitney, and do what feels right! It’ll be over before you know, and trust us when we say, there’s nothing sexier than a confident new mama.

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